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“The Empowered Creator is the perfect book for any artist and creator who is looking to discover their voice and find their path, as they are figuring out how to create based on who they truly are. Katy has truly delivered the concepts of what the greatest creators have done to achieve their greatness, and explained how you can take the same principles and incorporate it into your everyday practice.

Creators are meant to think big. They’ve been given a gift to make this world such a beautiful place, and in this book, Katy beautifully gives you the tools you need to take your work and your life to the next level, so you too can achieve extraordinary things. I’ve intuitively used the process she describes throughout my entire career.”

– Samantha Kaplan – artist, entrepreneur, thought leader

“If you care deeply about finding your purpose and are seeking long-term happiness in your life, be sure to put this book on your required reading list. You will learn to empower yourself with this beautiful informative guide, eliminate excuses and learn to speak (and live) your truth. Katy’s inspiring guidance and wisdom will provide the boost you need to be an empowered creator of your dream life.”

– Tiffany Neuman – founder, Your Legacy Brand

“I love how Katy helps you discover the power within yourself. As a full-time artist, I find her book is a useful tool to help motivate and empower myself; there is a lot of wisdom and guidance. Thank you Katy!”

– Noemie L. Cote – Canadian landscape painter

“The Empowered Creator is an amazing book that is loaded with knowledge. It is straight to the point and easy to read. Katy is passionate and puts her heart and soul into everything that she does, which is demonstrated in her book and her art.”

– Samantha Joseph Hinds – beauty brand creator, speaker, life coach

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